Peewee Girls Rules

With the exception of the supplementary rules listed below, the National Federation Basketball Rules will be used.  Understandably, situations will occur which may not be covered as we progress through the season.  As a result, the Board of Directors will resolve these problems.

Supplementary Rules

  1. Playing time will be 7 minutes per quarter running time.  Half time will be three minutes.  Clock will not stop for shooting fouls, 1-1 bonus, and 2 shot bonus.  The clock will stop for timeouts and every whistle during the last minutes of the 4th quarter.  SCORE WILL NOT be kept on the scoreboard and in the scorebook.  Ball size: 27.5
  2.  There will be two (2) one-minute time outs per half allowed per team.  Time outs not used in the 1st half cannot be carried into the second half.  Second half time outs may not be used in overtime periods.
  3. Any team that cannot field five players at the scheduled starting time shall forfeit.  However, please do what is necessary to facilitate a game with the players who are presents.
  4. A complete team lineup must be submitted to the official scorekeeper five minutes prior to the scheduled starting time.  The lineup must indicate starting five players and their numbers.
  5. Defense will be a progression.  Please follow these guidelines:  For games 1 through 4, there will be NO Back Court Defense.  Defensive pressure shall not be allowed in the “Zone of Penetration”.  The Zone of Penetration is defined as the area in the frontcourt from the half court line to an imaginary parallel line above the top of the key (10 meter line in volleyball or the blue line at Kilauea Gym).  The zone of penetration will exist for 10 seconds after the offensive team brings the ball from the backcourt to the frontcourt.  The zone of penetration will not be used as a safety zone.  Defense will be left up to each coach to decide what defense to play (man-to-man or zone).  For games 5 through 9, there will be no back court defense and the zone of penetration will not exist.  For games 1 through 9, mandatory man-to-man defense will be played in the first half (1st and 2nd quarter).  For the 2nd half, coaches will decide what defense to play (continue man-to-man or zone).  Man-to-man defense is highly encouraged to help in the development of all players.
  6. All players must play one full unbroken quarter in the first half and one full unbroken quarter in the second half.  Total of two (2) unbroken quarters per game.  That means no free subbing unless a child gets hurt while playing.  Playing time should be divided so that each player plays in both halves.  The maximum playing time is 3 quarters.  Note-an entry during any quarter constitutes one quarter of play.  In a case where the minimum of six (6) players are present, 4 players will play three (3) quarters and two (2) players will play 4 quarters.  Remember, we want all players to participate, which will encourage and build confidence of unskilled players too.
  7. Traveling and double dribble violations will be called as follows – For games 1 through 3, triple dribble (when a player dribbles, stops, dribbles, stops, and dribble again) will be called as double dribble and three step traveling will be called as traveling.  For games 4 through 9, double dribble and traveling violations will be called as normal.  These will be monitored and will be called when there is a great disadvantage to the opposing player.
  8. Out of bound and backcourt violations will be called as follows – For games 1 through 4, no backcourt violations will be called and 5 second calls on an inbounds play will be extended to about 8 seconds.  For games 5 through 9, backcourt violations and 5 second calls on an inbounds play will be called as normal.
  9. In order to participate in the scheduled games, players must be in proper basketball game shirt issued by league (no alterations to the jersey), shorts, and gym shoes.  All jewelry, watches, and earrings should be removed prior to game time.  This is to prevent any injury to your player or any opponent player.
  10.  Spectators Rule:  In the event that spectators at a league game become unruly, disorderly, disobedient, or obnoxious, the league officials or referees have the right to stop the game and issue a warning by speaking to both head coaches.  The coaches will then speak to the spectators.  Should the spectators continue to be unruly, etc., the league officials have the right to ask all spectators to leave the gym.  The game will continue behind closed doors.  Should the spectators refuse to leave the gym, the league officials, directors have the right to call a double forfeit or a single forfeit based on their best judgment.  The decision of the league officials is final cannot be appealed.
  11.  Coaches should exert effort to insure that the players attend and participate in every practice and scheduled game.  Coaches may let a player sit out a game for disciplinary reasons.  However, the player should be told in advance what is expected of them.
  12.  During the game, keep players seated in the designated area.  Only coaches (head and assistant) will be allowed on the bench side.  Parents and all guests will sit opposite from the bench.  Instruct players to report to the scorekeeper and wait for instructions from the referees before entering the game.
  13.  Coaches must exercise self-control and control over their players during the game.  Offensive or abusive remarks by players and coaches will not be tolerated.
  14.  Each team shall provide an official scorekeeper for each game.  Scorekeepers will remain neutral during the game.
  15.  In order to maintain a smooth flow during the entire game to maximize playing time, there will be no ball playing/shooting baskets during timeouts, and between quarters (shooting will be allowed during half time).
  16.  Coaches will coach from the bench.  Coaches will not be able to stand and coach from the sideline.  Coaches may stand to give players quick instruction and then must return to the bench.  Coach(es) will be given 2 warnings to remain seated, then a technical foul will be assessed.
  17. Coaches, please remember the players are still children and we want them to learn the game of basketball, be a good team player, learn sportsmanship and have fun doing it.  It’s very important that the coaches’ words and actions set a positive example for their players.  Players imitate their coaches.  This is the time when the children are most impressionable.

The league would like to take this opportunity to thank you for donating your time to KAC.

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